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Our Founder

  • SBSPGI is a living example of how one man's determination can bring about miracles. S. Gurcharan Singh had the courage to dream the impossible and resourcefulness to realise it.

Vision is the ability to perceive the many possibilities that are available to an organization and to create a picture of where that organization will be in the future. This is how, The Founder Director, Late Sardar Gurcharan Singh Ji articulated a link between dreams and action with a vision that sets a clear, focused, desirable direction and can take an organization to a specific destination. Describing S. Gurcharan Singh Ji as a mere founder of SBSPGI would be ignoring his fine personality. With clear vision & focus, he pursued his dreams till the last day of his life. He knew that people are motivated to perform when they have a clear understanding of the purpose and meaning of a task or activity.

As a visionary leader, he provided this purpose and meaning by developing his vision and then communicating it to his team. His task in the educational field started with the foundation of the Institute in the year 1994 with the objective of providing excellence in professional education, to make one's life worthy of emulations. This reflection is well seen in his achievements in the twin worlds of social development and education which are perhaps unsurpassed in recent history.