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Blood Donors Club

Nothing is analogous to the preciousness of human blood. In spite of the rapid and remarkable conquests of medical science today, the human blood cannot be synthetically manufactured. It is only in human beings that human blood is made and circulated. For those who require blood for saving their lives, sharing from other fellows is the only means. Hence, donation rather voluntary donation is the only way of accumulating blood at safe storage to meet emergency requirements for saving precious human lives. Unavailability of blood may cost precious lives. Hence, the voluntarily blood donation is of tremendous importance. This is the greatest magnificent gift one can do for the mankind. Voluntary Blood Donors are the saviors of mankind. If someone really loves oneself and other fellow beings, the only way to express it is to donate blood voluntarily. In this regard contribution of Sardar Bhagwan Singh institute remained highly remarkable. The blood donors club of the institute was inaugurated in 2003 by Shri Narayan Dutt Tiwari ,the Ex-Chief Minister of Uttarakhand. Ever since, the institute is regularly organizing the volunteer blood donation camps to cater to the needs of the hospitals in the town of Dehradun which consistently have shortage of blood because of large catering area and large gap between collection and requirement of blood.

The students, staff and faculty of the institute generously donate blood for this noble cause. In two of such camp organized in this academic session 397 units of blood were donated and higher number of the female donors was a significant observation. The institute maintains a directory of the volunteer blood donors and particularly those having rare blood groups, so as to ensure their service in case of emergency. Apart from the camps the students of the institute always come forward to help the needy patients of this region.