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Mata Gujri Girls Hostel

Ours is a well-knit family where we learn to lead a disciplined life with togetherness and harmony. Along with the sciences we also learn the art to love humanity. We perceive happiness of self as well as of mankind as the ultimate goal.

- Residents -

Mata Gujri Ji

Mata Gujri Ji was the daughter of Bhai Lal Chand and Bibi Bishan Kaur, a pious couple of Kartarpur, today Kapurthala. Lal Chand had migrated from his ancestral village Lakhnaur in Ambala district, to settle at Kartarpur where his daughter Gujri was married to Guru Tegh Bahadur in February 1633.

After Tegh Bahadur Ji was installed as Guru in 1664, he went with his mother Nanaki, and his wife Gujri to Patna. Mata Gujri gave birth to a son on December 22nd 1666 in Patna.

Mata Gujri Ji accompanied by the aged Mata Nanaki and young Govind Rai, proceeded to Lakhnaur in Harayana, then to Chakk Nanaki (Anandpur). In face of a prolonged siege by hostile hill Rajas and Mughal troops, Chakk Nanaki had to be evacuated by Guru Govind Singh on the night of 5-6th December 1705. Mata Gujri Ji with her younger grandsons, Zorawar Singh and Fateh Singh, aged 9 and 7 years respectively, was separated from the main body while crossing the river Sarsa. Mata Guiri Ji and her grandsons were arrested on 8th December and confined in the Sirhind Fort in what is referred to in Sikh chronicles as Thanda Burj, the cold tower. As the children were summoned to appear in court from day to day, the grand mother kept urging them to remain steadfast in their faith. On 11th December they were ordered to be bricked alive in a wall but since the masonry crumbled before it covered their heads they were executed the following day. Mata Gujri Ji was imprisoned on top of a tower which was reopened from all sides.

Mata Gujri Ji continued the tradition of Sikhism and without complaints gave up her body singing Guru Ki Bani. Mata Gujri Ji attained martyrdom the same day as her grandsons. No wonder Guru Nanak had said, "Why isn't woman equal to man when she is one who gives birth to kings and protectors of Dharma?". It was due to her teachings that a seven year old and a nine year old did not budge from their Dharma and attained martyrdom, thus containing and emphasizing the Institute of martyrdom and Sikhism Seth Todar Mall, a kind hearted wealthy man of Sirhind cremated the three martyrs the next day.

From the desk of the warden

Dear student,

Every year, being on the other side of the table at my office at the Mata Gujri Hostel, I realize a few interesting things during the admission time. Among the new comers to the Hostel, there are a few students who walk in with reluctance. Owing to the fact that they have, for the first time separated from their families. But, these very students miss their hostel rooms, friends and the college campus the most, when it's time for leaving on the completion of their course. For the others, the love for their hostel becomes even stronger with each passing day.
Such is the warmth and emotional comfort you experience while being at the Mata Gujri Hostel.
Today, you are about to start a new phase of your life where you are going to learn to be responsible, independent. You will create memories that you will cherish forever. M G H, is a well knit family. By involving the inmates in various group activities outside the education curriculum, we ensure building up of confidence, team spirit and discipline in facing the challenges and pressures of the world. The atmosphere of the hostel is conducive for studying and enjoying college life at the same time.
I am sure that you are going to discover yourself in every step of your new journey with the support and guidance from the hostel staff.

Welcome to M.G.H. family. I wish you a pleasant stay! With warm wishes and greetings!

Capt. Nalini Mehrishi


"Learning spaces are nurturing spaces"

The hostel provides comfortable A/C & Non- AC accommodation for 600 girls with separate provisions for both under graduate and post graduate students. It is managed by competent and qualified staff, whose endeavor is to make students lead a simple life with high moral values. The homespun environment in the hostel helps in inculcating the spirit of great achievements among the students.

Facilities - General

Good care of the hosteller is taken in every sphere, laying emphasis on the all round personality development. The inmates of the hostel live together as a family and all the festivals are celebrated with great zeal and enthusiasm. Every hosteller is provided with a cot, a table and a chair with other fittings. To ensure constructive productivity and to promote team work, cultural and academic events are organized in the hostel quadrangle along with music, theater and fine arts, where a hosteller can actively participate as per her interest. The chapter of SPICMACAY (Society for Promotion of Indian Classical Music And Culture Amongst Youth) is part of the college cultural regime. To ensure healthy interaction the fresher’s and farewell party is organized each year by the hostellers, and is enjoyed by all.  Methodological trips are organized to various tourist places under the guidance of the warden.

Common room

The hostel has well maintained, air conditioned common rooms where all the basic amenities for entertainment including LCD TVs, music systems are provided. The students have a number of options to unwind and relax when they take a break from studies.
Visitor’s room and guest house for parents visiting their wards are also available.
There is a well-furnished study room in the hostel premises.
The hostel provides hot and cold water throughout the year.


Qualified coaches from National Institute of Sports impart coaching in volley ball, table tennis, badminton, basketball athletics and yoga. Inmates choose the game of their own interest. There is a gymnasium at the hostel premises. Students can avail the gym facility at a fee of Rs 500 per month.  

Extracurricular activities

NCC, floriculture, music, dance, dramatics, elocution and debate competitions compliments the personality to the fullest.


For the convenience of students, the Institute has set up a service counter of Oriental Bank of Commerce and has an OBC ATM counter that serves transactions from other banks coming under VISA, NFS and MITR as well.

Web connectivity

There is free web connectivity service available. Students can avail it for free on their personal laptops.

Admission procedure

Hostel is compulsory for all girl students except for the permanent residents of Dehradun. The students should fill the form carefully, on their own and parents should sign the form after checking all the entries. Presence of parents is a must at the time of admission.

Allotment of rooms

The rooms in the hostel are allotted subject wise and in alphabetical order of the name. For instance, student of course 'X' with her name starting with alphabet A will share her room with the girl whose name comes next in the alphabetical order and is of the same course.

Hostel fee for Year 2017-2018

  Date of Payment Two seater Two seater - AC Two seater-AC attached w/c bathroom Single seater
Hostel  (per annum) - 78000/- 88000/- 98000/- 88000/-
Security (Refundable) At the time of Admission 5000/- 7000/- 7000/- 5000/-
1st Installment At the time of Admission 39000/- 44000/- 49000/- 40000/-
2nd Installment 15th Nov. 2017 39000/- 44000/- 49000/- 44000/-
  • The above fee includes mess and utility advances which is subject to change in case of unprecedented price escalations during the session.
  • Fee is revised annually as per price escalation
  • Fee does not include mess charges for official institute vacations
  • FOR AC ROOM: - The electricity charges for AC rooms will be on actual basis for which sub-meters have been provided.
  • Mess extras: - Advance for non-veg, milk, fruits etc Rs. 2500/- extra in advance.

The fees should be paid by bank draft in favour of "Mata Gujri Girls Hostel" payable at Balawala, Dehradun.

Refund rules

Refund of the hostel fees is subject to the deduction of administrative and monthly charges equivalent to the duration of stay. Security deposit is refundable after vacating the hostel.

Contact Address

Balawala Dehradun – 248161
Ph. 0135-2686246 – Ext. 212, 9997479065
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