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Placements / Career opportunities

Career Opportunities

Pharmaceutical Sciences

It is an industry oriented course which equips the students with the latest knowledge of advances in drug delivery system and focuses in the areas required for transforming the pure drug into reproducible stable dosage. It helps in providing detailed knowledge about various phases of product development i.e. preformulation, optimised formulation development, in vitro & in vivo evaluation, stability testing as per international guide lines so as to make students capable of handling and designing various formulations in Pharmaceutical industry. A pharmacy student can purse his / her career in following areas.

Pharmaceutical Industries

  • Production
  • Quality Control
  • Quality Assurance
  • Research & Product Development
  • Purchase & Inventory Management
  • Pharmaceutical jurisprudence


  • Marketing Management
  • Product Management
  • Medical Representative
  • Area Manager
  • Regional Manager

Drug administrator

  • Drug Inspector
  • Central Drug Control Labs.
  • State Drug Control Labs.


  • A bachelor of Pharmacy may establish his own Pharmaceutical Industry
  • May own a retail or wholesale medicine shop.


  • Post Graduate in Pharmacy(M.Pharm) Subjects
  • Post Graduate in Business Administration (MBA)
  • M. Tech. in Biotechnology
  • Bioinformatics
  • Teacher in D.Pharm. institutes.
  • May go abroad for Higher studies


  • Hospital and Clinical Pharmacy Division
  • Defense
  • Customs
  • Bank and such other financial concern
  • Community pharmacist in middle east and developed countries.
  • IT & Insurance Sector jobs
  • Can join Govt Research organizations and purse career in academics.
  • Can purses higher studies in India and abroad.

Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Applied Chemistry

Both courses M.Sc. Pharmaceutical Chemistry  and Chemistry are industrial oriented courses. The developments in chemistry during the last few decades have been phenomenal because of rediscovery of importance of chemistry in virtually all walks of life. This has resulted in increased demand of qualified and hardworking chemist in almost all industries like bulk chemicals, pharmaceutical, glass, oil and paints, minerals, cement , herbal cosmetics and many more. and curricula is designed in such a way that students are made to  learn basic analytical techniques, technical inputs of the instruments, their application and usage in the pharmaceutical  industries for drug assays, leading to Quality control of the drugs etc. Basic techniques involved in synthesis of drugs, purification and spectral analysis are also taught so that research and development in the field of medicines also becomes area of their absorption in various R&D organizations and industries. 

  • A Post Graduate in Pharmaceutical Chemistry & chemistry can pursue his/her career in following areas: May be absorbed in Industrial Research and Development (R&D) as Research Associate (RA), in Quality Control (QC) / Quality Assurance (QA), as Analyst. As a Production chemist in bulk drug Industry, bulk chemicals, mineral industry, oil and Paints etc. and can rise to the level of Asst. General Manager and Group Leader in R&D etc.
  • May be absorbed in Pharma. marketing/ sales as a Territory Business Manager and can rise up to AGM, GM Sales position.
  • After qualifying NET, GATE, GPAT, the student can pursue his/her career in teaching in various universities and colleges in India and abroad or further obtain higher qualifications of M.Phil, PhD can go abroad after qualifying GRE/TOEFL/IELTS for pursuing higher studies/jobs.


Physiotherapists are employed in all general hospitals as well as specialty and super specialty hospitals run by the government and non-government organizations, with a pivotal role in critical care and early intervention programs with the national health delivery system, emphasizing community based rehabilitation. Today majority of Physiotherapists are engaged in Private Practice in poly clinics or their own clinics and carry out referral as well as first contact practices. Physiotherapists are also working with various sports teams and are instrumental in restoring fitness of athlete as well as of normal individuals. There is lots of scope of Physiotherapy in countries like USA, Canada and Australia .Approximately 70 % of physiotherapists are placed outside India.

Physiotherapists are employed in:

  • Government hospitals
  • Specialty and super specialty hospitals
  • Private practice in own clinics
  • As Fitness trainer in Gym
  • In sports team
  • As an Academician in colleges
  • Lots of demand in foreign countries


Microbiology is a basic as well as applied biological science. As a basic biological science, it has an important role to play in understanding the life processes, genetic basis of regul class="big-list"ation, evolution of life on earth planet, processes in function during evolution and astrobiology. Weather it is food production or food preservation, diagnosis of disease or its prevention and treatment, petroleum exploration or production, disposal of industrial waste or its bioremediation, prevention of contamination/ reclamation or fertilization of soil, recycling of elements, microbiologist has a vital role to play. Graduates in this department are given thorough practical oriented training in various fields of microbiology to make them competent enough to plan and work independently.

INDUSTRIES (Food & Beverage/Distillery/Dairy/ Biofertilizers/ Petroleum/ Pharmaceutical)

  • Production
  • Quality Control & Quality Assurance
  • Preservation Technology
  • Research & Development
  • Purchase & Management of Inventory


  • Biofertilizers
  • Biotechnological products
  • Diagnostic Kits for clinical laboratories


  • Bioremediation of hazardous wastes from different Industries (Textile, Leather, Paper & Pul, Oil refineries etc.)
  • Waste Water Treatment
  • Control of sewage and ground water pollution


  • Central Food &Drug Control Labs
  • State Food & Drug Control Labs
  • Food Inspector


  • A Master in Microbiology may establish his own Industry like:
  • Biofertilizer Industry
  • Food & Beverage Industry
  • Distillery etc.,


  • Can pursue Ph. D. in India or Abroad
  • Post Graduate in Business Administration (MBA)
  • Bioinformatics
  • Can opt for Teaching in Professional Colleges (Life Sciences, Paramedical, Medical and Pharmacy).
  • Can opt for research in national / state / international research institutes.


  • Pathological Divisions in Hospitals
  • DRDO
  • Catering Services (Railways, Airways, Hotels etc.,)
  • Coaching

Biotechnology & Biochemistry

The advantage of studying this degree course is that the candidate can further pursue higher studies (Masters level) in specialized field of sciences i.e. Biotechnology, Microbiology, Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, Genetics, Plant Molecular Biology, Medical Biotechnology etc.

  • The candidates can also go for Master’s in Clinical Research
  • Master’s in Business Administration (Biotechnology) and Law (IPR & Biotechnology).
  • Sales/marketing executives in companies manufacturing microbiological media/diagnostic kits or biotechnological products

M Sc (Biotechnology) & M Sc (Biochemistry)

A postgraduate in M Sc Biotechnology and M Sc Biochemistry

  • Higher studies (PhD) by seeking Junior Research Fellowship and further may take up the job of Assistant Professor in University/ Colleges.
  • Berth in industrial research in applied aspect such as in Bioprocess Technology, Enzyme Technology, Waste Treatment Technology, Environmental Technology, Enzyme Technology, Plant and Animal Farming, Agriculture, Healthcare, Bioinformatics, Marine Biology and Industrial Biotechnology.
  • Biochemist/Biotechnologist in distilleries/wineries/beverage industries/petroleum exploration industries
  • R&D personnel as well as Marketing/Business Executives in companies manufacturing microbiological biotechnological products/ culture media/diagnostic kits and various type of experimental kits used in genetic engineering/ immunology etc.

Medical Lab Technology

Medical Laboratory Technologists are like detectives. By taking samples of patients' tissues and bodily fluids, and carefully testing them, they help doctors detect and diagnose illness. They use microscopes, chemical analyzers and other high-tech instruments to carry out tests.

Medical Laboratory Technologists work in

  • Hospitals
  • Private sector medical laboratories
  • Pharmaceutical firms and research institutes
  • A few work in police forensic laboratories.

Related Jobs or other employment areas:

  • Cytotechnologist
  • Health care and special assistance
  • Scientific research and development services
  • Educational services
  • Chemical manufacturing

Future Prospects

The future of a medical lab technician looks bright because:

  • There is a need for Medical Laboratory Technologists in both cities and smaller communities.
  • Demand is increasing because our growing and aging population requires more health services.
  • New technologies improve the ability to diagnose disease.
  • Governments are increasing funding for health care
  • The present population of Medical Laboratory Technologists is aging and a large number will be retiring in the next 5-10 years, opening up a large number of jobs.

Medical Microbiologist

Microbiology has tremendous scope and a very bright future. Students who are pursuing their career as a Microbiologist, golden opportunities await for you. Some of the best scientific research jobs are in available in the field of Microbiology.


  • Teaching: If you are interested in teaching as a profession and if you are interested to pursue your masters degree, and you are basically a science student, then microbiology is the best suited to pursue a masters in. Teaching is a noble profession, and the returns after completing your study is tremendous.
  • Research Scientist: Research is a never ending field and thus one can take up research. As a research scientist a microbiologist can work in universities, institutions, industries, hospitals, government organizations and carry out research in laboratories.
  • Clinical Associate: One can get into clinical research as clinical coordinator or clinical trials administrator and later on generally qualify to move on to a full clinical research associate position.
  • Clinical Microbiologist: Clinical microbiologist assist the treating team of doctors with the investigations, diagnosis and treatment of disease. That analyze and interpret data related to patient samples.
  • Toxicologist: Microbiologists are employed as toxicologists in investigatory laboratories. They plan and carry out laboratory and field studies to identify, monitor and evaluate the impact of toxic materials and radiations on human and animal health, and on the health and current status of the environment, as well as the impact of future technologies.
  • Forensic Scientist: Microbiologists with appropriate skills are also considered for posts in forensic science.
  • Biomedical Scientist: he main areas are microbiology, clinical chemistry,transfusion science, hematology, histopathology, cytology, immunology and virology.
  • Biostatistician: Biostatisticians are statisticians who work in th health related fields. They design research studies and collect and analyze data on problems such as how disease progress, how safe is the treatment, or the impact of certain risk factors associated with medical conditions.
  • Microbiologists have enough and more jobs as quality assurance specialists in the pharmaceutical companies, food processing industry, diary and milk products, beverages, hotels, biotechnology companies, agriculture, forestry etc.
  • Phd.: for those interested in further study, they can take up doctorate and go for further specialization and research. Foreign fellowships for doctorate degree are also available.They can also work for medical and scientific publishing firms.